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Please view the character break down listed below, If interested in submitting for this film, please email us at

Make sure that you include your full name along with full length images of yourself that may support your submission,  

Don't forget to list the character/characters that you are interested in auditioning for. Shooting starts on June 4th.


Desean- Cool nerd type.  Has the “it” factor. On the boarderline, almost out of the nerd realm. Needs to look like a High School student.

Wesley- Full blown nerd.  Needs to look like a High School student.

Snacks- Fat lovable kid.  Should be a Pillsbury Dough boy.  Needs to look like a High School student.

Laquisha-  phone voice ,lot of attitude, possibly Hispanic..

Mrs. Washington- Sexy MILF.  Think Lisa Rae type. Older women early 30’s.

Uneek-  crazy body, spicy attitude, It girl. Must look like a high school student.

Mr. Akers-  Older male, black guy nerdy type late 30’s early 40’s

Mrs. Akers- Older lady , sexy older milf type- mide to late 30’s.

Miss Daniels- Older woman, spicy more heavy set look. (Slightly overweight)

Wendy Akers-  10-12 female, cute, Think kid from Blackish.  Smart mouth kid.

Mrs. Santiago aka “Camel toe Carmen”-  Very pretty Model, hispanic look.

Chandra Love- Very pretty, college graduate..  Has to be able to twerk.

Steve Champion- local rapper. , Lots of Swag- 5th year High school student (The legend)

Miss Sugar- Very Hop Heavy- Cute

Other Miss Sugar- Male comedian in drag.

Black- Cool white guy, 16- 17 yrs old

Fantasy- Fat comedian/actress Black woman- Heavy set.

Lawd Have Mercy- Super pretty and amazing curvy body. African American or hispanic.

Achoo- Pimp Look, older back guy with swag.

Officers- late 20’s to 30’s Males.